drawings after Old Master drawings, sculpture, & paintings


Disegno is the Italian word that means both drawing and design, and it was fundamental to the Renaissance artist's approach to all disciplines, from painting to sculpture to architecture.

His preferred media are sanguine pencil and the combination of black, sanguine and white on toned paper known as trois crayon.

He has spent decades drawing after Old Masters, and developing his own interpretation of their techniques in his original work.


David Mayernik's facility in watercolor began with his studies in Rome under Frank Montana, and has continued to develop en plein air painting in conjunction with his work in oil and in parallel with his formal studio work.

He also uses ink and watercolor wash to explore compositional ideas. Formal wash rendering is the representational technique par excellence for architecture, both real and imaginary; for his formal wash renderings, please see the Theoretical page.

American Artist has published David Mayernik's watercolors, available on their site.

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