I have invested decades in mastering the ideas & techniques of the Renaissance & Baroque classical tradition. This is a tradition that privileges the Ideal, the Beautiful, & the Meaningful.



Projects from across my repertoire...

THE CLASSICAL ART OF THE RENAISSANCE TRADITION is rooted in drawing. It's this fundamental skill that allows the painter to design buildings, the designer to sculpt, the craftsman to compose. Opera sets, frescoes for theaters and churches, painted doors and frame designs; grisaille, gouache, oil, buon fresco; plein air, capriccios, and classical allegories; urban spaces, campuses, and buildings. I practice all of these disciplines and media.

I invite you to explore the variety of work on this site, which is unified by my commitment to the liveliest work of the Renaissance and Baroque tradition, and the idea that we can extend (rather than merely imitate) those models for our modern world...

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