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David Mayernik has published widely, from scholarly essays like his recent "The Baroque City" for the Oxford Handbook of the Baroque to contributions to City Secrets: Rome and City Secrets: Paris. He writes on the classical tradition of the Renaissance and Baroque and its relevance to modern practice.

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The Oxford Handbook of the Baroque

The Baroque City

A sweeping, polemical analysis of the characteristics that defined the Baroque city, from Rome to Paris, Bordeaux, Neuf-Brisach, Ludwigsburg, Karslruhe, and Amsterdam.


The Challenge of Emulation

in Art and Architecture

Between Imitation and Invention

An investigation of the largely forgotten middle stage in classical artistic formation, emulation means rivaling by means of imitation. It is the way artists moved beyond their apprenticeship in imitation to independent mastery. At once an historical analysis and proposition for contemporary practice and education, this book is now available in paperback.


Timeless Cities

An Architect's Reflections on Renaissance Italy

Looking closely at five Italian cities, David Mayernik investigates how they projected their images of themselves through buildings and urban form. Both a study of the past and a polemic for the future, this well-regarded book remains relevant for thinking about how we have shaped, and can shape, our cities and our world.


The Shape of Public Space

Place, Space and Junkspace

David Mayernik's chapter in this collection of essays, from a conference organized in Rome, deals with the emergence in nineteenth-century Rome of space as a quantifiable thing rather than as a qualitative environment. Instead of what Rem Koolhaas calls junkspace being a "modern" phenomenon, the author argues for its roots in Beaux Arts classicism. The article is also available on the site.


“The Baroque City,” 10,000-word commissioned chapter for the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of the Baroque; online publication 2018, printed hard copy book expected 2019

“Language or Tradition? Continuity and Innovation in the Landscape of Ticino,” Putting Tradition into Practice: Heritage, Place and Design, Springer Publ., 2017, proceedings of the INTBAU Italy conference, Milan, July 2017

“The Technique of Fresco Painting: Ever Ancient, Ever New,” Traditional Building magazine, Dec.-Jan. 2017

two entries in City Secrets: Paris, The Little Bookroom, Sept. 2014

The Challenge of Emulation in Art and Architecture: Between Imitation and Invention, Ashgate UK, Nov. 2013; paperback 2017

“Meaning and Purpose of the Capriccio” and “The Capricci of Giovanni Paolo Panini,” in The Architectural Capriccio, ed L. Steil, Ashgate, UK; Dec. 2013

“The Shape of Public Space: Space, Place and Junkspace,” chapter in Perspectives on Public Space in Rome, from Antiquity to the Present Day, eds. Smith and Gadeyne, Ashgate, UK; May 2013

“The Relevance of Renaissance Rome,” Introduction to revised edition of Letarouilly on Renaissance Rome, Dover Publ., with two illustrations by David Mayernik; new edition with 50 additional plates chosen by David Mayernik, Oct. 2012 

 “The Inevitable Project: Avoiding the Formally Arbitrary Through Analysis and Poetics” paper delivered at the First International Congress of ReteVitruvio: Architectural Design Between Teaching And Research, Bari, Italy, May 2011

“Bodies & Buildings: Microcosm and Macrocosm in Traditional Architecture and Urbanism,” Green Living, Rizzoli (US) and Tradition & Sustainability, Compendium (UK), 2010

Recent Work, New Palladians, London, Artmedia, 2010

Roundtable panel participant, Traditional Building magazine, February 2010

“From Painting En Plein Air to Inventing the Capriccio,” American Artist, January 2009

 “Urban Echoes: Listening to the Lessons of Rome,” The Classicist VII, 2008

“Stewardship and the School of Architecture,” Acroterion 2006–2007, Univ. of Notre Dame

 “Buon Fresco,” Traditional Building magazine, December 2006

 “The Winds in the Corners: Giulio Romano, the Elements &the Palazzo Te’s Fall of the Giants,” in Aeolian Wind and the Spirit in Renaissance Architecture, ed. Barbara Kenda, Routledge Press, 2006

book reviews: “Michael Graves: Images from a Grand Tour,” and “A History of Western Architecture (David Watkin),” for Traditional Building magazine, February and April, 2006

Online journal:  co-creator, co-editor, and contributor [retired]

 “Matching Beauty to Civility,” Traditional Building magazine Forum, October 2005

 ‘Roundtable,” Traditional Building magazine, January 2004

Timeless Cities: An Architect’s Reflections on Renaissance Italy, Westview Press 

            (Icon Editions), 2003 (paperback June 2005)

 “The City as Memory Theater &Architecture as Allegory,” The City and the Church in the IIIrd

            Millennium:, Rome, December 2000

City Secrets: Rome, The Little Bookroom, 2000 and revised edition, 2011

The Other Modern, Bologna, March 2000

Reconquering Sacred Space, Rome, 1999

Composite Drawing, McGraw Hill, 1995

“The Gabriel Prize”, The Classicist, 1994

“Inter Silvas Academi”, Building Classical, Academy Editions, London 1993 

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