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Design, for me, involves anything that can be imagined by drawing.
—David Mayernik

DECORATIVE ART exist at the intersection of fine art & design, encompassing objects, frames, & ornamental pictures.


STAGE SETS for period staging of Baroque opera unite all the arts.

ARCHITECTURE & URBAN DESIGN encompass the design of urban spaces, buildings, interiors, and the landscape.

THEORETICAL PROJECTS are displays of what is possible, if not probable, in today's world.

Music Box
Science Portico


Architecture for Good

Solving Rome's Urban & Refugee Challenges:

A project for the city that is also for people. Fixing the problems of modern urbanism, and providing dignified temporary housing. Using the tools of the past to solve modern problems. 

Learn more about the project...

Housing Section-Perspective

Rebuilding the Renaissance

villa guinigi actual

THE PAINTING MUSEUM OF LUCCA is housed in the Villa Guinigi: a fifteenth-century villa in an urban context, because it is within the later circuit of city walls. A long, symmetrical bar with a central loggia, it has lost its garden context and presents a rather arid first impression to the street entrance. This design (left) shows how the actual condition (below) could be transformed into an enticing Renaissance garden.

villa guinigi garden design

The built world is a collaborative enterprise. It all starts with design, or disegno in Italian, from which all works of substance begin. I have had the privilege of collaborating in my built work and decorative projects with outstanding craftsmen, builders, and collaborating architects. In parallel with my built work I maintain an interest in imaginary, theoretical, or polemical projects, whether pro bono—for the public good—or for my own edification. The architects and designers whom I emulate always maintained this balance, or tension, between what can be built and what should but may not be built. That was how art progressed...

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