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Theoretical Projects: City, Country, Campus

Theoretical projects have been an integral part of an architect's portfolio since the Renaissance. Unconstrained by client limitations, they are the architect's chance to propose the best possible solution, often to a real problem. I have used them throughout my career as a corollary to my practice, as an opportunity to remind the world of what is possible today, if not probable. 

—David Mayernik

Making the World a Better Place

Beauty is an undervalued human need. It is not a trivial luxury, but an essential part of well-being. It has also, historically, been tied to making a meaningful world. 

At the same time, real needs for difficult situations often lack imaginative solutions. They often presume that the necessary, like bitter medicine, must be unpleasant. But I would argue the best of human culture is able to integrate the practical with the noble, and my project for temporary housing for people in crisis—refugees, victims of natural disasters, the sick—is a demonstration of what we can do if we have the will and imagination.

You can find the project here.

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